Concert and Recording Projects


One of the central struggles of performing arts is making a performance relevant to the audience of today. As society evolves so does musical taste and it is the role of the performer to present music that connects and challenge an ever changing audience. The United States is struggling with how to assimilate those contributing members of our society that originate from Central and South America. As the national debate continues, artists in this country need to put their efforts into making the culture of these new immigrant nations seen and heard. Just as the music of European immigrants in the 19th and early 20th century became embedded in the culture today, so will the music of people from Central and South America.

The goal of TerraNova is twofold: to collaborate with contemporary composers and musicians in order to promote the music and culture of 21st-century Latin America in the US and abroad and to incorporate music of composers from previous generations including Heitor Villa-Lobos, Héctor Campos Parsi, Carmago Guarnieri , Ignacio Cervantes, and Andrés Sas.